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Sydney Cardiology Patient Rights

At Sydney Cardiology, our patients are our priority. Above all, we value your health and wellbeing. Sydney Cardiology endorses the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights, therefore this is what you should expect when visiting our clinics:

You have a fundamental right to adequate and timely care. You can contribute to the right of access by trying to meet your appointments and telling the facility with sufficient notice when you cannot.

If you are unsure about what is happening to you or if you think something has been missed in your care, alert your clinician.
It is also important to disclose alcohol or substance use, or any medication changes, as this can impact your treatment.
Your cardiologist will provide thorough information regarding your condition and treatment.
You can contribute to communication by being as open and honest as you can be. It is important to tell your cardiologist of any changes in your circumstances.

You are encouraged to participate in decisions about your care. Ask questions if you are unsure about what is happening to you.

Involve your family or carer if this makes you more comfortable and confident in your treatment.

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